Time recording software system

Timewatch offer a range of time recording software solutions from our hosted Time&Space software solution to our on-premises Time&Money solution. Both software solutions offer web time tracking for fast and efficient timesheet entry and time tracking to speed up the billing process. Invoicing customers could not be easier for administrators, directors, senior & junior managers alike, who receive suggestions of invoicing information including timesheets, expenses & materials that can be combined into a single invoice.

time recording software screen shows how timesheets are entered
Timewatch time tracking software

Invoicing timesheet & expenses data with Timewatch time recording software solutions is so user friendly little or no user training is required. Users enter time sheets for invoicing through a configurable timesheet screen, then process the timesheets for invoicing with Time&Money time recording software.

  • Time recording software

    Timewatch time recording solutions are friendly, easy to use system with advanced costing, charging and invoicing functionality.
  • Friendly, timesheet entry

    It's so intuitive little or no training is required.
  • Familiar Office look and feel

    Rapid end user acceptance of timesheets as users are immediately at home with the familiar Microsoft Office style layout.
  • Outlook timesheet

    Track timesheets directly from Outlook! With our OutlookTime® plug-in, add project data to bookings, then click to convert this into a timesheet - easy, improves accuracy, less effort.
  • No double entry

    timesheets and expenses tracked by users is instantly available in invoicing
  • Access to Historical Data

    Access full historical data so you can see exactly what previous timesheets, invoices, what was invoiced and why
  • Timesheet docks in Outlook

    Microsoft Outlook users can dock their timesheet inside Outlook, so they can track timesheets for invoicing throughout the day, which increases timesheet accuracy
  • Super Awesome Bar

    amazing timesheet search and technology suggests what users are looking for as they type, also shows recent history, saves users over 70% of timesheet entry time
  • Decreases invoicing delays

    the time taken to finalize invoices is reduced dramatically as billing of timesheets can be peformed anytime - the system keeps track of what has and has not been billed so that no time transactions are overlooked
  • Assignment list by User

    users can only choose from a list of project assignments that they are allocated to or scheduled for, with smaller, more accurate lists this saves time and minimizes errors
  • Customizable terminology

    users are instantly at home - minimizes training
  • Import from Outlook

    as an alternative to the Outlook plug-in, this facility links to Exchange Server to allow users to import time from the Outlook Diary appointments - eliminates duplicate entry, saves time and improves timesheet accuracy - users simply love it
  • Remote Timesheet

    allows users to enter timesheets wherever they are using devices such as |Blackberry's, SmartPhones and iPhones
  • Link with MS-Project

    operates as a timesheet for MS-Project, updating users' timesheets with their task assignments and publishing timesheets back to MS-Project to update project completion ³
  • Notes

    capture notes on each timeline, then use them in reports and invoices
  • Dashboard

    provides up-to-the-minute feedback to users, on timesheets, expenses, invoicing, saves admin effort, reduces missed deadlines and improves timesheet accuracy
  • Configurable Manager Approval

    definable rules and manager levels for approval, rejection of timesheet
  • Manager Approval

    Managers can review, accept, reject timelines as well as return notes to users to advise them of issues
  • Customizable fields

    need to capture additional fields on a timesheet? No problem, with our Timesheet Analysis module you can create new fields, set their data type then enable them in timesheets for users to log time to

Time recording software from Timewatch®

It was Benjamin Franklin, who in 1748 said, "time is money", and this is even more relevant today where minutes lost each day can cost thousands in lost revenue.

That's why our focus is timesheet perfection - making timesheet entry as simple, as easy and as fast as is possible, so we save your users time and your organization money every day, day in, day out.

Whether you are a small start up business looking for a cloud based solution, or a large international enterprise looking for time recording software to integrate with internal systems, we have a solution for you.

From our highly successful CentralTime® solution which is designed for installation on your servers and offers web timesheet entry, Outlook timesheet as well as a host of other options, to Time®, our highly configurable cloud based solution can be upgraded to also include expenses management, employee scheduling, billing and a range of other features.

On-premises time recording solution

User friendly time recording solution with optional billing. Utilizes a central SQL Server timesheet control system with Windows or web timesheet entry client, scaleable from 10's to 1000's of Employees.


Cloud based time recording solution

No hassle hosted time recording solution. There is nothing to install at your end, the entire solution runs on our servers which you access securly via web browser. With intuitive, user friendly timesheet and powerful reporting - all for a low monthly fee.


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Timesheet entry is simple and easy with Timewatch. The MS Office style Ribbon Menu places all everyday commands at the users fingertips and is so intuitive little or no end user training required.

Timesheet entry screen    

Timesheet entry

Employees love entering timesheets with Timewatch®. Whatever you book timesheets to, jobs, projects, tasks, cases etc. you set the terminology to match your organization's terms so when your users first see their timesheet they feel right at home with familar terms they are used to.

When entering timesheets users only see the items they are assigned to, making their pick lists as short as possible and specific to them. This speeds up entry and ensures they cannot book timesheets to projects they are not allocated to which dramatically reduces entry errors.

One of our users' favorite features is what we call our "Instant search bar" - by clicking in a timesheet field they are presented with their recently used assignments and as they type, just like in a search engine, the system suggests relevant items to choose from. This feature alone saves over 70% of effort taken when entering timesheets in other systems and is unique to Timewatch.

Users have the freedom to enter data as hours-minutes, decimals or as a %age of their day, they can roll projects forward from the previous week, import time from their Outlook calendars - yes that's right, if you have a booking in your calendar you just click a button to import that time and allocate it to a Job in your timesheet.

Instant search project list
Timesheet Super Awesome Bar

All of this adds up to easier, faster, friendlier and more accurate timesheet tracking, which is why users love using a Timewatch® timesheet system.

Outlook timesheet entry

With the OutlookTime® timesheet plug-in, users can turn Outlook appointments into timesheets, which can be processed through to billing. This ingenious system saves users hours per week, days per year and often pays for itself within days. With the plug-in, users can allocate Outlook appointments to a

customer and/or project. They can only track timesheets to projects they are assigned to, so there is no miscoding or incorrect allocations. Once complete, timelines can be reviewed and edited before posting - and all this from within Outlook.

This incredible feature is another user favorite as it makes

Outlook timesheet entry
Allocating a Project to an Appointment in Outlook

time tracking easier and increases the accuracy of users' timesheest as they can more easily log time as they work.

Timesheet administration

Administrators love Timewatch® time recording solutions too, they can define entry rules to ensure users can only log time to the projects assigned to them which dramatically reduces administration overhead in

reviewing and approving time.

Administrators are immediately made aware when timesheets are waiting for approval as the "Check Time" button blinks when there are timesheets to check, and is disabled when there are none.

Manager and admin tools

Late timesheet chasers

Administrators often waste a considerable amount of time chasing late timesheets. A Timewatch® solution can save valuable admin time by automatically sending reminders to people that post their timesheets late. There is even an escalation process so the tone of the email can change with each subsequent reminder as well as escalate the offenders list to managers if the issue persists.


We are sure you'll find that a Timewatch® time recording solution is friendlier, faster and easier to use than your current web timesheet system. If you are looking for a new or replacement system for your current time recording system you can see Timewatch® timesheet solutions in action from our live demos.

Just some of the customers using the Timewatch professional services solutions