WhiteSpace® is a powerful yet configurable resource scheduling solution that is used in a wide variety of industry sectors and is scalable from SME's to large international enterprises.

Customers key resource scheduling requirements are to make scheduling easier, help choose the right resource for a job, project or customer or task, optimize the use of valuable people and physical resources. WhiteSpace® provides the ability to view multiple resources simultaneously so you can see which resources are doing what, where and when, views can also be grouped by employee skill set, type, location, timezone etc. and when this is combined with utilization and availability information, searching for the "best resource for the job" simple, quick as well as easy. WhiteSpace® not only manages bookings and appointments, it also manages project task scheduling

  • Powerful resource scheduling
    Collaborative enterprise wide resource scheduling system.
  • Syncs with Exchange

    Employees' schedules are seamlessly synced with Outlook and Outlook appointments are synced back so they are visible to schedulers.
  • Friendly, easy to use
    Little or no training required.
  • Familiar Office look and feel
    Rapid end user acceptance.
  • Definable Grouping
    Group resources the way you work; skills, level, location, area, discipline, type etc.
  • Custom color coding
    Color code booking types for instant recognition of resources' activities.
  • 100% Browser based
    Allows users access wherever they are.
  • Scalable
    Suitable for any size or type of organization, from small business to large international enterprises and in a wide range of industries, see some of our customers.
  • Time zone compliant
    Full support for cross-time zone operation with complete management of local, resource, user and bookings' time zones.
  • Integrate with Exchange
    Seamlessly integrates with Exchange on-line or on-premises. Bidirectional synchronization allows schedulers to view all resources' bookings and create bookings centrally which are published to Outlook users' calendars.

Timewatch® - Resource Scheduling

Timewatch® collaborative resource scheduling solutions not only help schedulers plan and manage complex schedules and optimize utilization of your organization's resources, but we also save employees' time too.

Employees often waste valuable time re-entering scheduling data into their diary or their timesheet, but not with Timewatch®. Schedules can be seamlessly synchronized with Outlook / Google / Notes calendars and if you have timesheets as well, they can import their diary into their timesheet, which can save hours each week and pay for itself in minutes.

Hyper intuitive MS-Office look and feel, no custom interface to learn resource availability 100% browser application supports all major browsers on PC & Mac.

Whether your resources are people, rooms, equipment, training courses or any other type of resource, schedulers can create "biews" showing multiple resources side by side. Our panoramic views ensure that schedulers can instantly see who is doing what, where and when.

Schedulers can create views by various parameters such as skill, location, team, project, training course and timezone. Imagine the simplicity of scheduling resources if the available time is readily visible and easy to see.

Optional modules include templates for managing complex and repeat scheduling tasks, custom fields, bidirectional Outlook synchronization and a timesheet module for those that want to track actuals.

By helping utilize a resource for just 5 minutes more per month the system more than pays for itself, and a Timewatch® resource scheduling solution will save hours, possibly days each month, every month and pay for itself over and over again every day.

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Resource scheduling

Demonstration of the powerful resource scheduling and planning features available to schedule and plan employees, skills, equipment, rooms, courses etc.