• Extraordinary reporting
    Unbeatable reporting tools.
      - traditional reports
      - active drill downs
      - custom filters
      - custom fields
      - customizable menus
      - optional automated alerts
      - optional dashboards
      - optional report writer
      - optional reporting service
  • Powerful reporting
    Ensures access the information you need, when you need it.
  • Interactive Drill Downs
    Fast, efficient tool to interrogate data by double clicking to drill down from layer to layer.
  • Secure
    Users can only access reports and data they are allowed to access.
  • Drill Down options
    Customize drill downs: add / remove columns, click to sort columns, drag to resize columns, drag to group, filter by column and search within the refined data.
  • Traditional reports
    Run reports and charts, print them, export, save or email them.
  • Dashboard
    A CEO favorite, real time charts, graphs & indicators provide senior managers a birds' eye view of people, project, customer and financial performance.
  • Customizable
    Need a specific report or a standard one tweaked? No problem, you can either add the report writer and do it yourself, or take advantage of our affordable report customization services.

Timewatch® - Reporting

Reporting is another area in which Timewatch® excels. Simply put, if the data is in the database, you can report on it.

Included is a no nonsense balance of standard reporting tools such as interactive drill down reporting, traditional reports and configurable menus and security settings to get you started. Next come a range of flexible reporting options such as dashboards, automated alerts and a report writer that allow you to configure the system to suit your reporting needs.

time tracking reportingtimesheet reportingTimesheet dashboard reportingTimesheet report writer

With such a high standard of reporting capabilities, you are hard pressed to find Windows or MAC application that can compete with the reporting power of Timewatch® let alone a 100% browser based cloud solution.

Curious? View the on-line demonstrations to see reporting in action for yourself. If you would like to see how Timewatch® can work for your organization, or to see the system in action, please do not hesitate to contact us

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Business Intelligence Reporting

Business intelligence reporting is arguably the most important part of any professional services solution and is yet another area in which our cloud applications excel. In addition to the flexible, powerful and configurable drill down reporting, Time&Space® includes a host or reports and configurable tools which you can groups, arrange and attach reports to menus.

Please note that the reporting functionality shown here is also included with Time®, Time®&Money, WhiteSpace® and Time&Space®.


Drill Down reporting

Drill down reporting is a powerful yet easy to use day to day business interrogation tools built into all of our cloud applications. This video introduces the topics covered in the basic training course built into all of our cloud applications: Time®, OutlookTime®, Time®&Money, WhiteSpace® and Time&Space®.


Dashboard training overview

Overview of the inbuilt dashboard training video which provides introductory training to dashboard users. Dashboards are available in Time®, OutlookTime®Time®&Money, WhiteSpace®, Time&Space® and CentralTime®.