• Self learning facilities
    A range of self learning tools are available to help reduce implementation costs.
  • Highly Configurable
    Timewatch® products are highly configurable, with 2 parameter sets: high level parameters can be tweaked by customers, low level parameters allow our systems architects to mould the product around your needs.
  • Hyper intuitive design
    PC & Mac users are instantly at ease with the familiar Office ribbon menu look and feel.
  • Learning Mode
    Rapid learning tool for new users provides hover over learning bubbles for all features and functions.
  • Learning Center
     - Training videos
     - Tips
     - Guides
     - Custom Help
  • In-line help
    Available throughout the product by hovering over the help icon.
  • Support Center
    It's Google meets Help in this automated way to find answers to questions.
  • Implementation Services
    Our implementation specialists can help in anything from design and configuration of your system, to training, consultancy, report writing, customization or just day to day advice.

Implementing a Timewatch® solution

Timewatch® solutions are designed to be intuitive and easy to learn. All systems include a range of free self learning and self help tools, as well as a paid professional service for those that want training, implementation assistance, advice customization.

Following are just some of the self learning tools that help make Timewatch® easy for end users to learn:

Prefabricated or Custom Designed? These concepts apply equally as well to implementing software as they do designing and building a home.

The trade off is an off the shelf solution that can be self-implemented, but of fixed configuration, or a custom design that can be configured to do exactly what you want, but requires time with one of our specialists.

At Timewatch®, we offer both extremes and flexibility in between. A preset configuration for self implementers, but with flexibility to tweak the system through over 50 user definable parameters. And for those that want the custom design, with our implementations specialists assisting, you have access to over 700 low level parameters as well as an extended set of user definable parameters.

Although easy for end users to learn and use, our products are highly adaptable and configurable. So configurable they can be setup to support an incredible range of industry sectors, from: Aviation to Healthcare, Banking to IT, Consultancies to Defence, Trainers to Engineers and Media to Shipping. This we achieve through an unparalleled Timewatch® products achieve this through being highly parameter driven.

The challenge however, is that some customers want to implement the solution themselves, and some want help from our highly trained implementation specialists to ensure they implement the perfect solution.

To meet this challenge Timewatch® provide two system configurations. The first is an "off-the-shelf: configuration whch is ideal for self implementers, an "off the shelf" configuration with some flexibility through around 100 user definable parameters. The second provide is ideal the the larger or more complex implementation that requires unrestricted access to the full set of over 800 configurable paramters (this solution comes bundled with design and implementation time with one of our trained system architects).

In this way, we provide the best of both worlds, an off the shelf solution for customers on a budget, and a fully flexible solution for those that want an off the shelf solution that can be configured to perfectly meet their requirements.

Support / Services

All customers receive access to our advanced services and support system where you can log questions and manage responses.

Whether you think you have a software issue, have a question, or need training, you can log a ticket, and specify who you'd like help from.

If you have a question, your first port of call should be to Search Help for an answer, but if you want personal help or cannot find an answer, just log a ticket. If your question is specific to your implementation, a trainer will help you, but if it is generic and there is no help article available, we'll not only answer you, the answer will become a help article to help future customers.

Assistance if you need it

For those with larger or more complex implementations, or those that prefer to work with 'real people' or get step by step assistance, our cost effective personal training and implementation programs help you get the most out of your Timewatch® solution.

Implementation advice

Although we provide self learning tools, many customers find it beneficial to speak with a real person at some stage. For example, for a a question about their specific needs, advise, guidance, or just want to speed up the process by speaking with an expert.

Timewatch® are unique in that we provide all customers with some free implementation time so that you can experience our professional services first hand. For smaller organizations this may be all that is needed, but SME's, larger implementations or more complex configurations benefit from additional time and implementation assistance.
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