• Flexible billing system

    Fully integrated with timesheets and expenses, streamlines the process of preparing, adjusting and raising invoices, integrates with financial systems.
  • Cloud or on-premises

    Timewatch® solutions are available in the cloud and for on-premises installation.
  • Powerful rating system
    Capable of supporting everything from simple rates by person to complex rates that change by date, person, customer, project, role and work performed..
  • Accurate

    Lost or missed billings are at best embarrassing, at worst a direct hit to the bottom line. You'll never miss a single transaction in billing, from late timesheets to historical changes, Timewatch® ensures nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Audit trail

    Full audit history is maintained for all billing amendments to timelines and expenses.
  • Flexible
    Supports time & materials, fixed price, cost plus, milestone, date, schedules & ad-hoc and custom billing structures.
  • Faster billing
    Streamlines billing processes, decreases admin time (and cost) - gets invoices out the door faster.
  • Reinforce invoices with data
    Provides backup data to invoices so you can quickly and easily justify invoices should any questions arise.

Timewatch® - costing, charging and billing

Timewatch® costing, charging and billing systems are designed to perfectly dovetail with the way you charge and bill your customers.

From the timesheet rates you charge, the fixed price structures you use to the approval processes and the format of the invoices, Timewatch® systems can be configured to match your billing rules, procedures and format.


We support everything from the simplest rates to highly complex rates that vary by person, customer, project date, work performed, or any combination of these.

The system "suggests" draft invoices based on your rules. Users with the appropriate permissions can amend and adjust drafts, and once finalized, invoices can be created in literally any format and posted to your financial system.

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Billing overview

This video provides an overview of the inbuilt training video on billing.