• Specialist apps

    An extensive range of Apps are available to personalize your implementation to perfectly match your organizations's needs.
  • Grow as you grow

    Apps allow you to adapt your Timewatch® system as your needs evolve, allowing your system to grow as you grow.
  • Future proof

    Many organizations outgrow their software solutions as their needs change. Not with Timewatch®. Whatever your size, you can start with the configuration that works for you today, and grow and adapt your system in the future, which is why our very first customer is still with us today, and have grown from just 2 employees to 500.
  • Outlook timesheet
    OutlookTime is an Outlook 2013/10/07 plug-in that turns Outlook appointments into timesheets and is available for all time recording configurations
  • Dashboards
    The CEO and CFO favorite, dashboards show high level data and KPI's in the form of instantly recognizable charts, panels and gauges.
  • Custom Fields
    Custom Fields or User Defined Fields (UDF's) allow you to create fields, set their data type (date, number, lookup, %age etc.) then allocate them to the area you require (projects, customers, Employees etc.) You can use them to enter data (e.g. budgets, % complete, type) then use them in drill downs and reporting.
  • Exchange Integration
    Our Exchange Integration App seamlessly synchronizes between Outlook and our Resource Scheduling system.
  • Auto Alerts
    No need to analyze and chase late timesheet offenders, search for data or run reports to make sure everything is on track, with auto alerts you setup the system to notify you of events and exceptions when they occur.

Timewatch® - Apps

A range of specialist Apps are available to expand the scope of our cloud solutions. Apps help customers tailor our time recording, scheduling and billing solutions to perfectly match their needs, which enables us to support such a bread range of industry sectors.

Apps range in price from free to maximum of around $5 pm/pp:

  Apps available to all systems
      Custom fields
Allows you to create new fields, define their data type and attach them to projects, employees, customers and cost center screens. Custom fields appear on the standard entry forms and allow data entered to be used in drill downs, reporting and analysis.
       Auto Alerts
Fully automated alerts you configure. Choose from a library of common alerts to notify end users and managers of important information, key performance indicators or items that need attention. (e.g. late timesheets, timesheets awaiting approval, projects nearing X% of budget, employees with low utilization, late scheduling changes). Supports email and SMS alerts.
The Dashboard app is a favorite amongst administrators, managers, CFO's and CEO's. Users simply choose the charts, panels and gauges they want from the list of items available.
      Report Writer
Edit and modify standard reports, charts and dashboards or create your own reports. There are practically no limits, if the data is in the system, you can write a report on it.
      Advanced Security
Extends the standard security system to allow you to customize the inbuilt security levels and create your own.
      Corporate pack
A bundle of advanced apps and services for larger customers, including: advanced security levels, departmental grouping, advanced configuration options, enhanced service response times and flexible upgrade schedules so you control when software upgrades are applied.
  Time Recording Apps
      Outlook Timesheet
The optional OutlookTime® plug-in allows MS-Outlook 2007&2010 users to turn Outlook appointments into timesheets at the click of a button - saves hours each week.
      Manager Approval
For those that need timesheet manager approval, this free app provides up to 2 levels of manager approval for timesheet (and expenses if available).
      Advanced Rating
Although powerful rates exist as a standard, advanced rates allows ultimate flexibility, with customizable custom rates by any combination of customer, project, employee, date, type of work, employee role or employee project role.
For organizations that need multi currency / international billing or with employees working internationally that incur multi-currency expenses.
      Financials Integration
Time recording and billing systems can be integrated with a range of accounting systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, QuickBooks, Sage etc. This app can also be used as a founcation to integrate with custom or otherwise unsupported financial systems.
  Resource Scheduling Apps
      iCal feed
Seamlessly publishes scheduling data to your calendar system. Many systems support iCal integration, including MS-Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google.
      Exchange Synchronization Server
Seamless, secure, bidirectional synchronization server for Microsoft Exchange. Seamlessly publishes bookings from your Timewatch resource scheduling in users' Outlook calendars and vice versa. Advanced security ensures users cannot move or delete bookings they are not permitted to change- something Outlook itself cannot do.
      Scheduling Advisor
Advanced scheduling system locates and recommends the 'best' resource for a project based on their skills and availability, and also offers alternative resources if needed.
      Skills Matrix
Flexible system allows you to define the skills and attributes you need to locate the right resource for a job. Multi level system with definable types & lists, with intersection, union and difference logic. Use skills/groups to search, group, view, book and report upon resources.
      Time Zones
Time Zone management system to help manage resources in multiple timezones being booked on events in different timezones.
      Questions & Answers
Customizable booking questionnaires allow schedulers to capture specific information on bookings based on the Resource, Customer or booking type. Ideal for event schedulers, meeting catering, training session requirements etc.
Queues provides advanced scheduling facilities to help manage complex, repetitive or interrelated booking sequences.

With Queues, future booking sequences can be planned in advance, then resourced as required. Queues allow for projected workload and forward capacity planning as well as providing reusable templates for repetitive project scheduling.
  Custom Apps
      Have an idea for an App?
If there is a specific app you are looking for, just ask us. New apps are being developed all the time, and the one you need may already be being developed at the moment.

You could commission one to be developed for you., then either keep it for yourselves, or make it available for sale to other customers.

Billing overview

This video provides an overview of the inbuilt training video on billing.