Timewatch® offer a range of professional services to assist you in implementing your chosen Timewatch® on-premises software and cloud solutions, as well as providing Customer Care for your on-going services needs.

  • Cloud or on-premises?
    whether you are a Cloud or an On-premises solutions, Timewatch® provide the self help and professional services you need for a successful implementation
  • Small or Large?
    whether small or large, all customers can take advantage of our free self help tools or utilize our professional services to help with their implementation

Timewatch® - Services

Timewatch® products are so flexible and configurable you can sculpt our software around your organization's specific needs.

Our products are intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use, however being highly configurable requires configurable parameters. There are over 800 configurable parameters, which makes the art of crafting a system to perfect match your unique needs a challenge to the newcomer. We therefore provide two systems: a reduced parameter set for self implementers, and the unrestriced power of the complete parameter set for customers that take advantage of our implementation services.

Self implementers typically take utilize our free Self Learning Center and automated Support Center to assist them, and may augment this by purchasing time with our professional services team. Customers that utilize our implementation services can purchase blocks of time from hours to day as required, and for larger systems we can design a complete implementation plan including training, configuration, customization and integration.

However you implement your system, it ultimately will utilize a mixture of the following services:

Self Learning and Self Help

Irrespective of the size or complexity of your implementation, all customers have access to our Self Learning system which are designed to allow end users to learn our products without assistance from Timewatch.

Self Learning starts with our Learning Center, which provides access to training videos, guides, tips as well as a Learning Mode that is initially enabled for all new users and provides helpful popup help bubbles that explain each button, Tab and function. Hover-over in-line help is available throughout the product.

Support Center

Professional Services