Timewatch® Customer care delivers on going post implementation services. Although during the implementation phase each Customer has a dedicated team of resources available to them, once you "go live", irrespective of whether you have a Hosted SaaS solution or an on-premise installation on your own servers, you need access to on going assistance to day to day questions and issues as well as access to updates and upgrades - and this is exactly what customer care delivers

  • Total cover
    Customer Care provides total post implementation cover including: updates, upgrades, new versions as well as free time each month to use for day-to-day issues, assistance and advice
  • Roll over minutes
    Each month hosted customers receive free services time and unused time rolls over from month to month allowing you to build up a 'bank' of time to help with day-to-day assistance
  • Simple and easy
    All updated, upgrades and new versions are provided as a part of Customer Care.
  • Need advice?
    Easy, just request a trainer or a consultant - that's the beauty of Services Minutes - you get help from highly skilled people you know rather than an outsourced services team on the other side of the world
  • Tech Tickets
    In the unlikely event you encounter a bug, logging a Tech Ticket gets engineers allocated to your issue immediately, it's like an emergency call, we get the engineers onto it immediately as if you have a bug, we want to resolve it then make the fix available to everyone - fast
  • Tech Tickets or Minutes?
    Not sure if your issue is a software fault or something at your end? Ultimately it doesn't matter how you log items, our focus is to service your need as quickly as possible - just let us know who you prefer to work with : a trainer, a consultant or an engineer

Timewatch® - Customer Care

All Timewatch Customers, irrespective of size, product, cloud or on-premises are automatically enrolled in our Customer Care Program - a complete care program that provides access to all post implementation services:

Customer Care Account
Customer Care is managed through secure on-line login to your account where you can learn of new and upcoming releases, view on-line documentation, add new users and modules, request services assistance, and where necessary, log tickets.

"My Account" at Timewatch

Software updates
Hosted or SaaS customers' systems automatically receive new updates and versions as our servers are updated, whereas customers of on-premise installations can plan upgrades at the best time for them with our services team.

Services and day to day assistance
All services, including installation, training, consultancy and report writing are chargeable and managed through your Services Account, where you can view time in your account, purchase time as well as book sessions with our services team.

Suspected software faults
Software faults are rare, but should you encounter one, you (and we) want it resolved quickly, and that requires a specialist team. We take fault tickets very seriously and treat them like emergency services. If you log a suspected fault, we immediately route it to engineers and developers as they are the best people to analyze and resolve software faults, we also allocate a business analyst and an account manager to assist you and act as your liaison. Each customer receives a fixed number of tickets each year, but where a ticket is confirmed as a bug another ticket is credited to your account. If the issue turns out to be a services request, it is re-allocated as a services request so engineers can focus on emergency calls.

Should you you log a request for assistance and it turns out to be a software fault, the ticket is reallocated and all time working with you is reassigned as non-chargeable.

Timewatch Customer Care not only helps you keep your software up-to-date and running, it also makes it easier for you to keep your system tuned to your organization's needs, your users better trained and your entire implementation more agile.