TOP Time&Space® videos (Week
01 Timesheet entry and approval (3:26) demo
02 Timesheet entry is so easy, a child can do it (1:12) demo
03 Resource scheduling (2:50) demo
04 Expenses entry (1:44) demo
05 Billing within Time&Space® (1:36) training overview
06 Outlook timesheet setup (1:38) training overview
07 Executive dashboard module (1:12) training overview
08 Drill down reporting (1:33) training overview
09 Reporting within Time&Space® (2:31) demo
10 Time&Space overview (3:27) demo
Time&Space® overview training videos

Timesheet entry - its so easy a child can do it

On 'bring your child to work day' we have the kids make a little video - some are just brilliant and just have to be published! You'll enjoy this.


Introduction to the Time&Space® professional services solution

Time&Space® is highly configurable, not only can you choose which modules you need (time recording, resource scheduling, time&billing or all modules), you choose the edition with the best power/price ratio for your needs. With this flexibility, Time&Space® can support the smallest business to the largest international enterprise and any size inbetween. With this flexibility, you can grow your Time&Space® implementation as you grow, making it the last solution you ever need purchase.


Dashboard training overview

Overview of the inbuilt dashboard training video which provides introductory training to dashboard users.


Timesheet entry with Time&Space®

Demonstration of timesheet entry with Time&Space®, including entry and submission of timesheets, project manager approval and review, personal timesheet dashboard and reporting.


Resource scheduling

Demonstration of the powerful resource scheduling and planning module within Time&Space® - schedule and plan employees, skills, equipment, rooms, courses etc.


Billing overview

Time&Space® professional services billing is powerful and configurable Overview of the inbuilt dashboard training video which provides introductory training to dashboard users.


OutlookTime - turns Outlook appointments into timesheets

This video provides an introduction to the training video within Time&Space® that shows administrators how to setup and configure users for Outlook timesheet entry as well as how users enter timesheets from Outlook.


Time&Space® Drill Down reporting

Drill down reporting is a powerful yet easy to use and configurable business intelligence tool built into every Time&Space® as a standard. This video introduces the topics covered in the basic training course built into Time&Space®


Time&Space® Business Intelligence Reporting

Business intelligence reporting is arguably the most important part of any professional services solution and is yet another area in which Time&Space® excels. In addition to the flexible, powerful and configurable drill down reporting, Time&Space® includes a host or reports and configurable tools which you can groups, arrange and attach reports to menus. Custom reports can be created if you find you require something out of the ordinary.


Expenses entry with Time&Space®

This demonstration shows how easy it is for end users to enter expenses within Time&Space®. Covers entering expenses, attaching receipts and submitting expenses, reviewing previously submitted and authorized expenses as well introducing manager review and approval processes.


Setting up Time&Space® auto alerts

Automated email alerts help ensure end users post their timesheets on time and, where advanced manager approval is implemented, ensure managers perform important review and approval processes in a timely manner. This video provides an overview of the inbuilt training video that covers alerts setup.