The Outlook-Time® solution from Timewatch interfaces with the amazing Time&Space® professional services automation PSA solution to allow end users to convert their outlook appointments into timesheets as well as view their schedules. Web timesheet, web time recording andweb time tracking
  • It's a miracle!
    OutlookTime® runs within Outlook, converts diary appointments into timesheets
  • Outlook 2013, 2010 & 2007
    Supports Outlook 2013 '10 & '07 32 & 64 bit versions on Exchange and Outlook 365.
  • Outlook PSA
    OutlookTime® links directly with our Time&Space® to create an amazing professional services solution within Outlook
  • Runs within Outlook
    as an Outlook timesheet plugin so there are no messy imports or exports, OutlookTime® actually runs within Microsoft Outlook to provide real time timesheet management from within Outlook
  • Time saving
    at the click of a button users can add project data to Outlook appointments and post them as timesheets
  • Flexible
    can be used stand alone as a sole timesheet entry method or used in conjunction with the Time® range of timesheet clients
  • Scalable
    no matter how many users you have, OutlookTime® can grow as you grow
  • Works with
    Time®, Time®&Money and Time&Space® to extend timesheet entry to include Outlook appointment items
  • OEM version
    tied to an existing timesheet system but want to add timesheet entry via Outlook? Contact us to find out how OutlookTime® can be integrated with your current system

Outlook PSA - what you've been waiting for!

It's a dream come true, OutlookTime® turns your Outlook appointments into timesheets at the click of a button as well as allowing advanced resource scheduling and providing a professional services automatation for Outlook.


It really couldn't be easier, OutlookTime® runs inside Outlook 2013, 2010 and 2007 and interfaces directly to Timewatch®'s amazing Time&Space® professional services (PSA) solution.

End users can allocate customer, project and task details to their Outlook appointments and post professional services time directly to their timesheet. OutlookTime® can even link with the advanced resource scheduling facilities of Time&Space® to provide a complete professional services automation (PSA) solution.

Review the video above to see how OutlookTime® runs within Outlook, then review Time&Space® for an overview of the full professional services automation (PSA) functionality

OutlookTime® is also available as an add-on for other time recording systems and may even be available to integrate with your current time recording system.

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