hosted time tracking solution

The Time&Space® professional services automation (PSA) is a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) based soltuion that provides timesheet entry as well as a range of other options. Timewatch's hosted SaaS based professional services automation solution. From our user friendly web time tracking management system to our OutlookTime plugin option that turns Outlook appointments into timesheets and saves users hours each week as well as increasing the accuracy of timesheet entry. And of course it is all available in the cloud, Time&Space reduces your costs to deployment of a web time tracking system, especially IT services and hardware costs as it includes all hardware, software and access services.

hosted time tracking system with Outlook time tracking plugin / plug-in.
  • Friendly, easy to use

    timesheet management system available over the web is so intuitive little or no training is required
  • Hosted cloud solution

    hosted solution available in the cloud
  • Familiar Office look and feel

    rapid end user acceptance, users are immediately at home with the familiar Microsoft Office style layout
  • Instant search

    amazing instant search technology suggests what project employees are looking for and automatically builds a favorites list - saves employees over 70% of effort taken to enter their timesheet
  • Outlook time tracking

    post timesheets directly from Outlook! With our OutlookTime® plug-in, add project data to bookings, then click to convert this into a timesheet - easy, improves accuracy, saves hours each week
  • Timesheet docks in Outlook

    Microsoft Outlook users can dock their timesheet inside Outlook, with their timesheet easily accessible throughout the day users more readily enter timesheets as they go which increases accuracy
  • Customizable pickers

    want to search for projects by manager, customer, location or a custom field? No problem, the pickers, their columns, headings and search options are user definable allowing users to set up their pickers to perfectly match the way you work
  • Assignment list by user

    users can only choose from a list of project assignments that they are allocated to or scheduled for, with smaller, more accurate, faster lists
  • Instant access

    as cloud based solutions Timewatch® products are instantly available and requires no IT overhead - lowering the costs to meet your timesheet recording requirements
  • Manager Approval

    Managers can review, accept, reject timesheets as well as return notes to users to advise them of issues
  • Dashboard

    provides up-to-the-minute feedback to employees, saves time, reduces missed deadlines and improves time tracking accuracy 4
1 Requires time tracking Dashboard Option

Time&Space® time tracking solution

Timesheet entry should be easy, but again and again people tell us that their current system is cumbersome, slow, or that users just don't like using it.

Not only is timesheet entry simple and easy with Timewatch® hosted time tracking solutions, as a SaaS application, there is no IT overhead, no servers to wait for, you can be up and running in no time. You'll get timesheets in punctually, minimize errors, improve reporting and have happier users, administrators and managers, there is even an Outlook plug-in available to allow your users to post appointments from their Outlook calendar!

Hosted time tracking solution

No hassle hosted time recording solution. There is nothing to install at your end, the entire solution runs on our servers which you access securly via web browser. With intuitive, user friendly timesheet and powerful reporting - all for a low monthly fee.

Time tracking within Outlook

Outlook Timesheet entry system converts diary appointments into Timesheets. Available with any of our Time® range of products or as an OEM version to offer outlook timesheet functionality for an existing timesheet system

Hosted time tracking and billing solution

No hassle hosted time billing software. There is nothing to install at your end, the entire solution runs on our servers which you access securly via web browser. With intuitive, user friendly timesheet and expenses entry, powerful reporting and billing - all for a low monthly fee.

Hosted professional services automation solution

Combines all of the time billing features of Time®&Money with the powerful resource scheduling features of WhiteSpace®.


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Time tracking

Users simply love time tracking with a hosted Timewatch® timesheet entry solution. Whatever you track time to, a job, project, task, case etc. you set the terminology to match your organization's terms, so when your users first see the timesheet they see familiar terms and are immediately at home.

A unique time saving feature is our "Instant Search Bar", which like a browser search field makes suggestions as users type, refining the search for each character typed. Users can type part of the code or name and the system suggests projects and shows matching items they have recently used. This feature alone saves over 80% of the time taken to complete a timesheet compared to classic pick lists and is unique to Timewatch.

Of course if users want to choose from a pick list, they can, but rest assured users can only book time to items they are assigned to which speeds up entry and ensures they cannot book time to projects they are not allocated to, which dramatically reduces entry errors.

Users have the freedom to enter time as hours-minutes, decimals or as a %age of their day, they can copy the jobs or assignments they worked on last week, even import time from their Outlook Calendar.... yes, that's right, with our Exchange integration module Outlook appointments can be imported directly into their timesheet!.

Instant timesheet search within the timesheet
Timesheet Super Awesome Search Bar

All of this adds up to easier, faster, friendlier and more accurate timesheet entry, which is why users love entering time with Timewatch®.

Outlook timesheet entry

With the OutlookTime® timesheet plug-in, users can turn Outlook appointments into timesheets, which can be processed through to billing. This ingenious system saves users hours per week, days per year and often pays for itself within days. With the plug-in, users can allocate Outlook appointments to a

customer and/or project. They can only track timesheets to projects they are assigned to, so there is no miscoding or incorrect allocations. Once complete, timelines can be reviewed and edited before posting - and all this from within Outlook.

This incredible feature is another user favorite as it makes

Import time for billing from Outlook - a must for Outlook users
Allocating a Project to an Appointment in Outlook

time tracking easier and increases the accuracy of users' timesheest as they can more easily log time as they work.

Dashboard & PTO Monitor

The optional timesheet dashboard provides valuable feedback to users to help them manage their timesheet, expenses, keep an eye on the their project task commitments and current utilization, as well as the status of their vacation and sick time taken and vacation time remaining.

Issues are highlighted in red to instantly alert the user to items such as a late or missing timesheet.

Each user's future workload is detailed to help them better plan the days and weeks ahead as well as alert administrators to overloaded weeks and bottlenecks in upcoming tasks.

Progress bars show up-to-the-minute task progress, indicating the current completion against expected time as well as whether the user has the availability to complete the task on time - green being okay, orange indicating that the user is running out of time and red indicating that there is no longer possible to complete the task on time.


Auto Late Timesheet chasers

Administrators often waste a considerable amount of time chasing late timesheet offenders. The hosted Timewatch® solution saves valuable admin time by automatically sending late timesheet reminders. You can even define an escalation process so the tone of the email can change with each subsequent reminder as well as escalate the offenders list to managers if the issue persists.

Test Drive

We're sure Timewatch® is a friendlier, faster, easier to use and better system than you have at the moment, but if you want to see it in action why not book a timesheet test drive so you can see for yourself how a hosted Timewatch® timesheet solution can help your organization

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