Employee scheduling software from Timewatch.

Timewatch offer a wide range of employee scheduling software solutions that are available to purchase for installation on your servers, or as cloud based solutions.

From our ever popular Wallchart® windows with a web front end solution, to our 100% browser based WhiteSpace® and Time&Space® our full blown - cloud based, professional services automation solution which delivers employee planning as well as time recording, expenses and billing functionality - Perfect solution for organizations looking for zero overhead hosted solution. Allows organizations of any size to start with staff planning, configure the system to suit their needs today, but expand both the size and feature set as required. Whether you wish to add more users or add functionality such as time recording, expenses management, billing, etc you can grow Time&Space® as you grow. to our exciting new ScheduleTime® upgrade for MS-Exchange (expected Q42 2011) - there is an employee solution for everyone.

Employee scheduling screen
  • Employee Scheduling Software

    Supports literally any resource including: people, rooms, equipment, courses, vehicles & virtual resources
  • Configurable

    highly configurable system with customizable views, color coding, skills, groupings, fields & reports
  • Friendly, easy to use
    little or no end user training required
  • MS Office look and feel
    provides a familiar user interface, facilitates rapid end user acceptance and low levels of training
  • Synch with Outlook

    seamlessly publishes bookings in Outlook and synchs bookings made in Outlook
  • Multi-user

    Allows multiple users to schedule and plan at the same time
  • Removes duplicate entry

    No need to copy data from one spreadsheet to another, or copy data from Outlook or another system, WhiteSpace® provides a central database for all your scheduling needs, integrates with Outlook and you can export data to other systems.
  • Definable Color Coding

    Allows you to set the colors of all types of work so that you can instantly recognize who is doing what and when
  • Definable booking rules

    Control which users can make which types of bookings for which resources
  • Definable Resource Grouping

    Group resources as you need them, by skill, location, type, size, anything - then search, book, view and query by these
  • Definable Booking Fields

    Define the fields you want to capture when making bookings
  • Definable Security

    Control which users can access which areas of the system and what functions they can perform
  • High Visibility Views
    Users can configure their own views so that they can see just their resources, customers and projects
  • Powerful Reporting

    WhiteSpace®'s Report Writer allows you to write your own reports, attach them to menus and panels and specify who can run them
  • Scalable

    Supports 10's, 100's to 1,000's of resources
  • Controls Conflicts

    Often a major source of issues, embarassment and loss of revenue, WhiteSpace® allows you to block conflicts or control them as necessary

WhiteSpace® - Scheduling Resources

With Timewatch® resource scheduling solutions you can schedule and manage literally any resource, from people to pieces of equipment, vehicles, rooms, simulators, training courses etc.

From our Windows based Wallchart® solution to our web based Whitespace® solution through our our cloud based Time&Space® solution which combines employee scheduling with time management, expenses management and billing, Timewatch® have a resource scheduling solution to suit your needs.

Employee scheduling view

Resource Groups

All Timewatch® resource scheduling solutions have a powerful resource grouping system which

allows you to organize resources into flexible, manageable groups and use them to view resources in that group, search for availability within that group, even create a group that defines which resources users can see.

Groups can be a simple list of resources such as a group of people with a specific skill, skill levels or geographical locations.

You can create a heirarchy of groups, for example if you have multiple levels within a skill, you can arrange your groups so that you click on the skill to show the levels within that skill. You can even 'intersect' groups to help locate resources in one group that are also in another: for example search for someone with skill A in region Y that is available on a specific date.

Definable, heirarchical skills and attribute management system helps when scheduling resources
Grouping skills

Managing scheduling conflicts

Resource scheduling conflicts are a major source of issues for many organizations. Most systems, including MS-Outlook, ignore the problem and simply allow conflicts, yet in the real world scheduling is not that simple. In some cases conflicts need to be allowed and are even desired, yet in other cases they should not be.

For example, many organizations have provisional bookings where it is desirable to allow multiple bookings in the same calendar space, but require them to be "bumped" if one of the bookings becomes confirmed. Equally, there may be certain booking types for which conflicts should never be allowed.

Time&Space® & WhiteSpace® fully embrace conflict management by allowing you to define which types of bookings do and do not allow conflicts. It proactively polices this to ensure users cannot make disallowed conflicts, and where allowable conflicts exist, the system helps them resolve these conflicts where appropriate.

Manage confilcts
Conflict button blinks when conflicts exist

Resource Scheduling Solutions

Wallchart® is available for installation on your servers and can be integrated with MS-Exchange to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook.
WhiteSpace® is also available for installation on your services, can be fully integrated with our Time® or Time®&Money systems to provide timesheeting, and can be fully integrated with Microsoft Exchange to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook.
Time&Space® is available as a Cloud based solution.